Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stay Sweet, America

The notion of going to college to get a good job has been engrained in me for as long as I can remember. I went to college, and it only took me four years to graduate! I mean seriously, shouldn’t people be begging to hire me? It hasn’t exactly gone according to plan. Who cares? That’s why it’s Eurotrip time with two of my best friends, and two acquaintances I’m bound to like a whole lot or very little by the end of this.

Andrew, Charlie, Steve, and I will be flying into Amsterdam this Wednesday. After abandoning Charlie in the Red Light District, We’ll be spending time in Salzberg and Prague before meeting up with Krystian in Munich. From there we head to Split and Budapest before spending the final days of our trip in London with Charlie’s brother. Hopefully Charlie has caught up to us by that point.

I see Steve has already begun his attempt to convince you that our consumption of alcohol will be the most culturally broadening of our European experiences (Heck, he almost convinced me with that fancy Ivy League vocabulary). I’ll do my best to provide some semblance of reality with my posts and pictures as we imbibe (See? I can use college words too), feast, and party our way through this 21 day, seven nation tour de shenanigans.

See you in a few weeks, America. Good luck ASU baseball in Omaha!

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