Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A subject line is like a screen door on a submarine

And here we are in beautiful Prague. Many sites have been seen, acquaintances met, and booze boozed all since our last post.

After the cataclipse (you'll have to ask Charlie) in Attnang-Pucheim (pronounced pooheim...POOOO-heim) we arrived in Halstatt, a small town that has a lot of salt and old people. It's also ridiculously beautiful. Like a beautiful painting. I could think up more metaphors that compare one thing to a likeness of that thing in a completely unhelpful manner or you could use the google already and look it up for yourself, or wait till I get back and sit for an hour while your eyes glaze over as you placidly feign interest in my photo album.

Halstatt also closes at 6. Like the entire town. And every bar sells one beer, Zipfer. This is apparently the Budweiser of rural Austria, except deliciouser. So at night for our entertainment purposes we purchased some locally brewed bubble wine, and two types of schnapps - peach and dandelion. I think it was dandelion at least - there was a picture of a dandelion on the front but it smelled and tasted like fermented grass clippings. The wine wasn't all that much better. Alas. I did win two games of poker, so at least it was a wash.

After a day in Vienna admired the mighty fortress (and jawlines) of the Habsburgs, we arrived in Prague, which is my favorite stop on the trip so far. We went on a walking tour of the city and broke a bottle of Becherovka, a Czech liquor which does in fact "taste like Christmas," to quote the girl who talked us into the purchase. There is Absinthe everywhere, and we'll probably pick up a bottle for later in the trip. The real highlight is definitely the beer. Pilsner Urquell, the original Pilsner from the Czech town of Pilzen can be had in most bars for 30 koruna (about a buck fifty) and it pairs excellently with World Cup soccer.

Speaking of which, we're off now to watch the game in the Old Town square. Go Yanks!

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  1. Pilsner Urquell was my first legal six pack. One hell of a beer. Cheers.